loading and unloading companies in dubai
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loading and unloading companies in dubai

Why Hire A Professional Mover?

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When moving, it is often customary to call on loading and unloading companies in dubai for a professional mover. Indeed, this has several significant advantages :

You do not have to carry your goods, which are often heavy. Whether you are moving to the ground floor or the 6th floor without a lift. Whether you only have a few boxes or solid wood furniture, professional movers will carry everything

You do not have to organize the logistics (truck, freight elevator and other specific equipment). Professional movers ensure optimal management of all the logistics and equipment necessary for moving your goods. Even the most fragile ones.

You don’t have to worry about transporting your goods. It is the professional movers who will drive all your goods in their vehicle

You don’t have to commandeer your friends: we all know that everyone is very busy on Sunday morning. When it comes to bringing the washing machine through the 3rd-floor window and climbing the stairs with your boxes of books. Don’t let a move break a friendship!

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How To Facilitate The Work Of Professional Movers?

Calling on a team of professional movers means simplifying your life. Being sure to be accompanied by professionals and avoiding breaking friendships. 

However, if your move is particularly complicated and your belongings are heavy. It may be a good idea to make their job as easy as possible.

A professional mover is not an easy job: it takes strength and perseverance to drive. And assemble the equivalent of a house from point A to point B in a given period of time.

 Also, do not hesitate to offer them a drink regularly: if the beer is to be kept cool until the end of the day. It is important to leave the water and any non-alcoholic drink available. It is also customary sometimes to offer them food: sandwiches, cakes, and share what you have for that particular day. 

Moreover, this will create a little conviviality. Finally, nothing prevents you from accompanying them and helping them in their task: you will feel proud and you will fall asleep with the feeling of accomplishment. 

Remember also that the team of professional movers needs your directions: you must be able to tell them which goods or boxes are fragile and where to dispose of each of them in the new home. On a moving day, wake up the manager in you.

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A tip: yes, but how much?

At the end of the moving day, when everything has gone well and you can finally breathe, nothing prevents you from leaving the team of movers a tip.

 If you feel that the work has lived up to or even exceeded your expectations, if the day has been particularly trying or on the contrary incredibly conducted, it may be considered appropriate to tip professional movers. We advise you to leave this tip to the team leader who will dispatch it between the members of the team and to give an amount equivalent to approximately 5% of the total amount of the service.

Origin And Specificities Of The Tip

It is commonly accepted that the origin of the tip is in Great Britain where, in the 18th century, a restaurateur would have placed on his counter a container annotated with the following formula: “to insure promptness” to translate by “to ensure speed”. Customers wishing to be served more quickly could deposit their coins there. 

The word “tip” has since remained in the English language, taking over the initials of the expression. Tipping in France developed later, in the 19th century. And today? It is more prevalent in some countries than others, and the rules and customs attached to it also vary across regions of the globe. It’s sometimes difficult to find your way around when you travel abroad!

Tipping, An Element Of Recognition

Tipping is a gesture, generally spontaneous, which is done as a thank you for the service rendered, all the more so when the latter is of high quality: the movers are courteous, have respected the constraints of the move and have been careful examples. 

The salary of a mover is fixed: it does not depend on the number of moves made each month. Giving them a tip at the end of their performance is a sign of recognition. Attention: be sure to leave the same amount to each mover!

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