Top 10 Trusted Cricket Fantasy Apps in India - Exchange22
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Top 10 Trusted Cricket Fantasy Apps in India - Exchange22

Top 10 Trusted Cricket Fantasy Apps in India – Exchange22

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Cricket is very popular in India! Cricket has the most fans of any sport because it is the only one that is played on such a large scale. That is why India has many fantasy cricket apps, which keeps the cricket craze alive and well among the people. 

Many people are passionate about cricket and enjoy playing it. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cricket fantasy apps in India for you to enjoy. Furthermore, these are some of the fantasy cricket apps that provide some of the best rewards and experience on the field.

Also, we have seen that the popularity and success of fantasy cricket have reached new heights, making it a huge attraction for people to participate in. People are becoming interested in the cricket fantasy apps that are appearing in the market one by one. There are numerous best fantasy cricket apps in India that you can use for fun and entertainment like Exchange22 and Dream11.

List of Top Cricket Fantasy Apps


Exchange22 is the first fantasy cricket app dedicated to basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricket. This is India’s best cricket fantasy app. The platform stands out by providing a virtual, real-time gaming environment. It also includes key aspects of stock market trading, such as the ability for users to buy and sell player shares in the same way that stocks are traded on the exchange. 

By providing a dependable, secure, and safe gaming environment, Exchange22 aims to be the best fantasy app in India by 2023. Following the coin toss, exchange22 participants can make the final few changes to their 11-player team based on bowling and batting. Depending on the situation, players can be added or removed. 

These are just a few general guidelines to keep in mind when putting together your fantasy team in any fantasy application. With these basics in mind, you can profit from a cricket fantasy app in India.

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Fantasy Dangal

Dangal Games has released a brand new fantasy app. Dangal Games is a well-known IT company that assists in the development of skills online. Making its way into the top 10 cricket fantasy apps in India 2021 and gaining a large number of users. It allows people to win by playing a variety of games while also earning real money and having fun while earning money. The best part about this fantasy cricket app is that you can earn cash bonuses simply by inviting friends to the Fantasy Dangal app.


It is also regarded as one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India for 2021. It is a new app in India, but it provides some of the most desired and requested features of a fantasy cricket app. Furthermore, Gamezy is said to be India’s most rewarding and best fantasy cricket app.

It has resulted in a thriving as well as flourishing game for the people who enjoy this fantasy cricket app. More than ten lakh people actively use this app to earn money. You can also play rummy and poker, and it is available in eight different languages, which may attract more players.

Paytm First Games

It is a component of the Paytm app, making it Paytm’s first game and placing it among the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India. It would be beneficial if you also tried this one. Sachin Tendulkar, our cricket legend, is the brand ambassador for this fantasy cricket app. 

You can also win huge money rewards with the game, and millions of people use the Paytm app, and we all know that the company would never release something that was not reliable or trustworthy for its users. It also has other games like ludo, puzzles, rummy, and so on.


It is also one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India, with a large user base. MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, and Jasprit Bumrah are brand ambassadors. If you enjoy cricket, you can earn money by using this fantasy cricket app. The app provides many features, such as a large pool of fantasy players and a diverse range of contests. Other games, such as fantasy cricket, but also fantasy basketball, baseball, and football, are available.

My11 Circle

People who are genuinely interested in fantasy cricket apps should be well-versed in My 11 circle. It is a well-known fantasy cricket app with a large user base worldwide. Famous brand ambassadors for this fantasy cricket app include Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson, as well as Rashid Khan. One of the best, as well as a fantasy cricket app, is now available.


MPL stands for Mobile Premier League and is inarguably one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps among users, and they have the most popular brand ambassador. Virat Kohli, the most talented and well-known member of the Indian cricket team, is the app’s brand ambassador. Other games are also available, allowing you to earn money as well as rewards by playing different games.


This is yet another fantasy cricket app that has popped in popularity in recent years. Unlike other apps, this fantasy cricket app offers one unique feature not found in other cricket fantasy apps. This one provides users with the option of selecting either their bowling fantasy or their batting fantasy. The app is one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps and has a long way to go.


This fantasy cricket app has enthusiastic fans all over the world who use it with zeal. People are very interested in fantasy games, and they are also finding new ways to earn money while playing. This fantasy cricket app is also included in the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India. There may be multiple tournaments, and there are numerous sports from which users can select their game.


It is without a doubt one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India, with Virender Sehwag serving as their brand ambassador. This fantasy cricket app is available in nine different languages and has a large global user base. 

This fantasy cricket app has approximately 1.5 million downloads and hosts 100 contests daily. The app allows you to make withdrawals immediately and has a low withdrawal limit of RS. 100.

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