Finance and Accounting Management ERP System Saudi Arabia
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Finance and Accounting Management ERP System Saudi Arabia

The Role of The Accounting and Financial Manager

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The working group of the Finance and Accounting Management ERP System Saudi Arabia. Convergence of operational and accounting information systems” presented its work on the governance of information systems. In the service of the reliability of accounting information. How to integrate into the logic of operational information systems. The fundamental principles guarantee the reliability of the accounting system.

To answer this question, the group notably analyzed the fundamental role that the accounting and financial manager must impose. In the governance of information systems (conference of November 30, 2007)

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The Work Of The Academy

Problem – Information systems (IS) are increasing “outsourcing” economic and financial information. Outside of accounting systems and tend to move away from the rigour of accounting standards. Which is a major risk in terms of the reliability of the accounting system and the internal control of companies.

The studies completed by the working group focused on the following topics:

The role of the accounting and financial manager in the governance of the is the guiding. Principles of which we present below traceability: challenges, implementation and control”;

-> “analysis of application integrity in the audit of information systems”: impact of regulatory changes on the location and nature of controls (referential integrity, transactional integrity), identification of risk areas in software packages on the market and in specific software, impact on the audit strategy.

-> “Standards and codification of accounting information”, with the inventory of the normative references of the three main families: accounting and auditing, systems, communication and codification of data.

IS Accounting Governance: The Objectives

At the three levels where he engages his responsibility, the accounting and financial professional must have a role in the governance of all the operational information systems, and not only in that of the accounting systems.

The first objective: is the guarantee of reliable accounting and financial information – To do this, it must:

-> establish itself as an essential and privileged interlocutor in IT projects;

-> have access to information and to the information system for the maintenance of its parameters (in particular to control the integration of business data in the accounting interpreter).

Second Area Of ​​Intervention: The Organization Of Systems – 

The accounting and financial manager must imperatively: -> see its legitimacy in all the information systems of the recognized company (in practice, it must be consulted systematically when configuring the IT systems);

-> benefit from permanent access to all types of information;

-> issue recommendations for improvement, including within the framework of internal control (data control);

-> act on the organization, manual tasks and computerized tasks.

The measurement of business performance, which is his third area of ​​responsibility, requires him to:

-> understand and master Info Centre tools (information storage);

-> ensure the project management of its decision-making information system (Info Centre, Business Intelligence, etc.);

-> have the right to receive the information, quantified or not, necessary for the measurement of performance in relation to the company’s strategy and the objectives of the process;

-> systematically receive information on the mapping and quantified assessment of risks (to be able to take them into account in the annual accounts).

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IS accounting governance: the tools

The monitoring dashboard of the accounting information system

The accounting information system monitoring dashboard must include indicators measuring:

-> the smooth running of the interfaces and the monitoring of rejections;

-> the number of outstanding maintenance calls and the response time;

-> the list of ongoing projects that impact the “finance” information system and the corresponding project management planning;

-> measurement of user satisfaction with the “finance” information system (availability, ergonomics, functional coverage, etc.);

-> measuring the satisfaction of customers of the “finance” function.

Other information systems governance tools

The accounting and financial manager must:

-> ensure that its responsibilities in terms of governance of the “finance” information system are properly formalized so as to be recognized as such;

-> systematically participate in formal meetings for the development of the “finance” information system, but also of the “business line” information systems;

-> set up a process of analysis and information on the impacts of accounting innovations (modifications to the reference system) on the information system.

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