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The Complete FAQ On ReiBoot Mac

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Does your iPhone crash from time to time? So the screen froze or did you exit recovery mode? There can be many errors even with new iPhones. The best and safest way to resolve all these errors is to use an iOS system recovery tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot Mac to ease your recovery work. 

ReiBoot for Mac is a free utility that can help iPhone, iPad, and iPod users to switch their connected mobile devices into recovery mode with just one click. This is useful for users who have unresponsive iDevices that cannot be handled in a normal way, requiring additional software support to get the device back into the control of the user.

What is ReiBoot Mac?

ReiBoot for Mac is an Android and iOS recovery tool developed by Tenorshare. This is well known for fixing system-related problems related to Android and iOS operating systems. So it’s not to fix hardware-related problems. ReiBoot is a desktop tool compatible with Windows and Mac computers. 

There is a long list of emission options for each type of device. Users can just configure the app and click an option from the list and fix the issue immediately. It perfectly supports the latest beta versions of Android 12 and iOS 16 operating systems with all the latest devices. If your smartphone has a problem with auto restart, is stuck in recovery mode, the update is stuck, is stuck Apple logo, or any other problem, you can easily fix it with how to use Restart for Mac for free. 

What ReiBoot for Mac capable of?

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac is a free macOS utility that can help iPhone, iPad, and iPod users switch their connected mobile devices to recovery mode with just one click. This is especially useful for users with unresponsive iOS devices that cannot be operated in the usual way, requiring additional software support to bring the device back under user control. 

However, even users with serious software problems can use this device to deal with their data, apps, and services locked in their devices. iOS stuck issues, from can’t access the recovery mode, stuck on the apple icon, stuck on the black screen, boot loop, screen disabled, screen hang, disabled headphones, remote backup and restore errors, etc. So, use this amazing tool to solve your iOS system issues within just a few seconds.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Features for Mac

  • Repair many iOS systems problems including the ability to fix many iPhone issues.
  • Fix your iPhone, iPad, or iPod stuck issues even if you can’t identify them.
  • One-click to Enter/Exit recovery mode free.
  • Recover your iOS device back to normal without data loss.
  • Fully compatible with the newest iPhone 13 models.
  • Downgrade iPhone 13 Beta software. 
  • Repair iTunes backup and restore errors without efficiency.
  • Reset your iOS device using two different reset modes.

The latest version of ReiBoot for Mac

ReiBoot Mac Download for free is the best tool that allows you to re-enable your iOS device with just one click. ReiBoot is a freeware tool available for various operating systems and devices. It is worth mentioning that even the latest version of ReiBoot Mac 8.1.13 supports more than 20 languages including English, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. ReiBoot is available for iOS versions from iOS 7 to the latest iOS 16 Beta. It supports all types of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV. And Mac OS must be version 12 and below.

ReiBoot Free Vs ReiBoot Pro 

These are the two options of ReiBoot Download for Mac that you must meet. Usually, the tool’s free option has some recovery options, you need to upgrade it to the Premium version if the recovery option you want to see isn’t there. The paid version of ReiBoot offers the smartest device recovery methods for Android and iOS. And remember, you must carefully download the version that supports Android or iOS depending on the operating system of your device. It’s worth getting the premium version because this is where you can experience all the recovery options.

ReiBoot for Mac Download

The app can fix a wide range of technical issues with iOS devices and the best part is that it can fix any problem with just one click. Not only does it sound good, but it also performs well. Let’s move on to how to download Reiboot Mac.

Just follow these simple steps to download ReiBoot for Mac. Go to the official Tenorshare ReiBoot website and go to the Mac site. Free download ReiBoot for Mac by clicking the download button. Then your computer will automatically download and store it in your Downloads folder. Complete the installation by following the installer’s instructions. You can download ReiBoot Mac for free but with limited features, or you can then purchase the Pro version to use more features.

System requirement for use ReiBoot Mac

What should you check before continuing to ReiBoot Mac Free Download

  • hard drive – 200 MB or more 
  • Processor – 1 GHz or higher 
  • Video Cards – All 
  • RAM – 200MB free space or more 
  • Supported operating systems – Up to macOS 12 and earlier 
  • Other Requirements – Your iDevice must be connected to your Mac using a USB cable

Steps to ReiBoot Download Mac 

  • Download Tenorshre ReiBoot on your Mac computer. 
  • Connect your iDevice to your Mac computer. 
  • Click the “Repair Operating System” button to start repairing the system. 
  • The software will download the firmware package from your phone to your Mac. 
  • Once the software package is downloaded, click “Start Repair” to continue. 
  • Once the process is complete, your iOS device will automatically reboot, keeping your data safe. 


ReiBoot Mac is a super handy tool for those who want to easily solve complex problems affecting their iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. I have known and used ReiBoot for a long time. Mobility management tools have always been a very reliable asset when it comes to solving tough problems. 

But the latest version of ReiBoot for Mac offers efficient performance, flexibility, and the ability to get your job done a little faster. I would recommend it to you if your iPhone is always stuck between complex issues and you have to run from column to post to save the device. To make sure that the app fully meets your needs, try the free version before upgrading to the pro version, as the trial will remove any remaining doubts.

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