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turquoise scarf

Square-Shaped Turquoise Silk Scarf

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For a scarf or a woman’s scarf, turquoise scarf is particularly popular, due to its romantic, creative and sentimental connotation. Turquoise expresses a depth of spirit, of feeling, which exudes softness and delicacy with a scarf. 

By drawing on blue or green, it gives an authentic facet,  which can distinguish you in a particularly subtle way. Turquoise is a very relevant color for an accessory. 

The intensity it gives off is more controlled, because on a garment, the total look is quickly achieved, and the possibilities of arrangement more limited (which does not make the color less attractive). These scarves and scarves turquoise are an asset to make a woman elegant, graceful and distinguished.

Scarves And Scarves For Turquoise Women In Tune With The Times

Women will appreciate the variety of turquoise blue scarves and scarves available in this selection. For the winter, the scarves provide a style wrapped up, while the design is no less worked. Scarves are more timeless, and the spotlight is on the different colors that will adorn your appearance. 

The different versions draw on a shades of turquoise or on complementary chromatic shades. With a beige trench coat , you can accentuate the refined side. The key is to have a collar open enough to let the scarf show through. Opt now for a turquoise scarf or scarf from this selection for women .

Turquoise Blue Silk Square Scarf

Artisanal weaving – Origin India
(95 cm x 95 cm, weight 35g)

This silk scarf is turquoise blue in color, it is an ideal accessory to wear around the neck, but also to tie your hair, as a belt etc…
With traditional Indian motifs, this silk scarf will give color and warmth to all your outfits, it is very soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear.

This square silk scarf will suit both women and men.

(Cervical pain, torticollis, throat. Silk soothes)

Long silk scarf “Animalis” turquoise red

185,00€ – 250,00€

Long Red / Turquoise  Scarf In Silk Twill, Animalis Collection

Scarf with intertwined animal motifs (marmot, snake, weasel, deer, eagle, etc.).

Tied, the scarf highlights a graphic game reinforced by the effects of hair, feathers or scales of the drawn animals.

The scarves from the Animalis collection are available in 9 colors and two sizes

Bright and bright colors for this model: red and turquoise blue

If the scarf of your choice is out of stock

Contact me by email , I will inform you of the time in which it will be available again. It is also possible to reserve it.

This scarf with Indian colors and patterns will add fun to your winter.

Light and soft, it is comfortable to wear and will be perfect to dress up all your outfits. 

It is reversible and can be worn on the turquoise blue side or the cream side. We love these two colors, and the nuances that it offers when the scarf is tied around the neck. Indian motifs and fringes complete the end of the scarf. 

Fluid scarf for women in a beautiful turquoise shade.

Matching ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and bow ties available.

This square scarf is available in larger numbers. Ask about our attractive wholesale prices. 

Personalization possible.

Dimensions: 53 x 53 cm

Material: Silk

Beautiful black pashmina shawl with wavy edges made in Lyon, France Lyon is a city renowned throughout the world for its expertise in the field of silk.

Source: https://www.abcbnews.com

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