An Ultimate Beginners Guide for Resistance Band Workouts
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An Ultimate Beginners Guide for Resistance Band Workouts

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If you are a beginner in resistance band workout then learning some pointers will stay with you for life. Resistance bands are perfectly low-priced equipment for resistance-strength and muscle-building workouts. They can easily move with you anywhere you choose to work out. Even resistance band workouts are easy and effective training that can elevate the process of muscle building.

In this blog, we will underline certain tricks and techniques that you can keep in mind if you’re about to begin your resistance band workout.

Warm up before the Resistance Band workout

Every workout must have a prior warm-up routine. You can perform dynamic stretches with arm stretches, leg stretches, etc. You can also do squats, lunges, and arm circles. Adding balance training at the beginning of a resistance band workout will increase your chances to perform with bands wisely. Perform wide stance, one-leg hold, and high planks. Balance exercise helps in training your neuromuscular system so that you stay steady on foot.

Types of Resistance Band Workouts

The idea of a resistance band is to target certain muscles individually which helps in the toning of specific segments of your body. There are many resistance band workouts, particularly targeting certain muscles that will help in the toning. Here is a list of workouts that you can perform using a resistance band.

Resistance Band Butt Workout

Side Raise

Stand tall, take support of a wall or table. You can also stand without support by balancing your body. Place the band, holding both your thighs. Lift your right leg from the side and bring it back to the ground. Repeat and alternate with both your legs. This targets your outer thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

Donkey Kicks

Take the support of all fours. Place the band above your knees. Raise your leg in a four-point position. Kick the heel up to stretch the band. This workout is effective for your under-butt area.

Fire Hydrant

Similar to that of the Donkey Kick, this movement is performed by raising the thighs from the side. The resistance band creates a stretch to your outer thigh, generating the muscles to stretch.


Stand in the squat position. Place the band on your thighs. Squat down and jump back straight. This works on your glutes and thighs. The band creates pressure on your outer thigh developing resistance.

Arm Band Workout

Tricep Extension

Hold one end of the resistance band with your one hand. The other hand must remain parallel to the ground, holding the other end of the band. Pull the band by extending the hand straight to the ceiling. Repeat the motion 8-10 times. The pressure is put on the upper arms, targeting the triceps.

Bicep Curl

This move can be performed in a sitting position. Place the band on your hips and pull it like doing the traditional bicep curl. This workout targets your biceps by flexing the muscles.

Lateral Pull Down

Raise your arms. Place the resistance band between your thumbs. Pull your arms down by bending your elbows at 90 degrees. Stretch with the band then get back to the starting position again.

Resistance Band Core Workout

High Plank Leg Lift

Place the resistance band around your ankles. Lift your leg while engaging your core. This exercise directly targets your glutes, as well as your core.

Side Plank Leg Lift

Get in the position of the side plank and place the band across your knees. Keep lifting one leg sideways. This exercise is good for your obliques.

Band Wood Chop

Tie the resistance band from a pole. Stretch the band to an extent so that the muscles in your core contract while you move sideways. Perform the other side as well.

Safety Tips for Resistance Band Workout

Fitness resistance bands are easy and safe to use. But it’s better to remain cautious than never. These simple safety tips will help you to use resistance bands effectively for your workouts:

  • Check the quality of the resistance before buying. Stretch to the threshold and witness its flexibility.
  • Practice with simple moves in the beginning. Once you develop certain resistance with the bands you can carry on with your intense workouts.
  • Keep a check on your resistance band’s health. They may wear out with time and snap if stretched to an extent.
  • Avoid injuring yourself by tying the band on the tough spot.
  • Perform your workout moves ahead of performing them with the band. This will help you to check whether you’re able to balance your body properly.
  • Always wear clothes that are comfortable, breathable, and in which you can easily move around. The band shouldn’t slip off your attire and must stay in position.
  • If any move seems to be not-doable, it’s better to not perform them at all as it may lead to a brisk snap or tearing out of the resistance band. Your body must remain at ease while performing resistance band workouts.

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