Pickup Truck services in Dubai
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Pickup Truck services in Dubai

Overview of Affordable Options for Renting A Pickup Truck

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Moving, bringing a piece of furniture, stocking up on wood for the winter: what can you do without owning a van? Not everyone has a friend to borrow a truck from. The Pickup Truck services in Dubai is then the best solution. But where to rent your van? Are you interested in renting a van, a Pickup truck, and a truck with a tailgate? This article details 3 utility rental offers available.

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Rent A Van at A Good Price: For What Volume?

Renting a utility means using a transport vehicle for an hour, a day, against a rental price. Before looking for a utility vehicle rental company, determine your needs:

  • How long do you want to rent the truck?
  • What type of truck or van do you need?
  • What is the volume to be transported?

For example, a tailgate truck is useful for transporting bulky items. A Pickup truck is best for transporting materials. A van is enough to bring back a piece of furniture or to move at your own pace.

Agencies, Car Sharing, Mass Distribution: Where to Rent the Utility?

The prices for renting a utility vary from 50 dirhams to more than 100 dirhams per day of rental. It is a sum, but you can reduce the price by choosing the rental company that corresponds to your rental and transport needs. Let’s see 3 van rental solutions available in France today.

Rent a Van at Rental Agencies

You know, it’s a franchise system, these rental agencies are present everywhere. These brands offer utility rentals throughout France. The service is often of good quality, but the prices are high. Renting a 20 m3 truck with tailgate costs between 120 and 130 dirhams per rental day. The price for renting a 3 m3 van varies from 70 to 90 dirhams. In town, finding this type of rental agency is rather simple. In the countryside, finding an agency is more difficult.

Retail Utility Rental

The rental of vehicles (utility or minibus) is becoming widespread. All major retailers offer these services. For example, the rental price of a 20 m3 truck with a tailgate varies from 75 to 90 dirhams. Renting a Pickup truck costs between 40 and 60 dirhams per day. The reservation of the vehicle is done online. Allow time to collect the vehicle. Attention, the return of the utility on Sunday is not possible. On a weekend, the rental will be from Saturday to Monday (which increases the price).

Renting Vans to Individuals Is the Most Economical Solution on the Market

Rent a van to individuals

Renting vans to individuals is the most economical solution on the market. Car-sharing platforms provide access to a large fleet of vehicles:

  • Van.
  • Dump truck.
  • Pickup truck.
  • Tailgate Truck.

You can book online, and choose the type of vehicle and the duration. The offer is flexible, renting for an hour or a day is possible. The rental includes insurance and assistance in the event of a problem. The price varies according to the vehicle, but for example, an 11 m3 truck is rented between 55 and 60 dirhams per day.

Rent a Van Near Your Home: Try Car Sharing

For utility vehicle rental to be economical, car sharing is the solution. Renting a truck from an individual allows you to find a vehicle near you. You reduce transportation time and gas costs to pick up the van. Look for a commercial vehicle available on Pickup Truck Services in Dubai, it takes 2 minutes!

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