Learn To Draw Car Drawing For Kid
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Learn To Draw Car Drawing For Kid

Learn To Draw Car Drawing For Kid

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Drawing For Kid Spending a day on the water is one of the most enjoyable and soothing things you can do. You’ll need a boat for this, which can be found in various shapes, sizes, and varieties. Learning to draw a cartoon car Drawing For Kid is a great way to plan what your ideal boat would look like. Owning a boat or envisioning what it would be like can be enjoyable.

Car Drawing Tutorial

You will have accomplished that by the conclusion of this guide, and you will have a stunning image of your very own boat!

As we start this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cartoon boat in just 8 enjoyable and simple stages, get ready to set sail for some creative fun.

Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

  • In this first stage of the instruction manual, we’ll start with the foundation of your cartoon boat drawing.
  • Although this is depicted as a relatively straightforward flat shape in our reference picture, it can still be trickier than you might anticipate!
  • It has a thin diagonal portion that transitions into a more horizontal section for the ship’s body’s front.
  • It would be best if you tried to resemble our model in this stage closely. Using a ruler for this and subsequent stages will significantly simplify your life, so we strongly advise it!


  • After that, sketch another section for the boat’s hull.
  • The base of the boat needs one more section, which we will add in this stage of our tutorial on how to draw a cartoon boat.
  • The section you drew in the prior step will be directly above this one. You’ll see that there is a lot more information in this section than there was in the one before it.
  • For instance, you can make out the deck’s border in this one.
  • We can continue after you have drawn this portion.


  • Next, sketch the beginning of the house.
  • We will now begin drawing the small cabin frequently present on actual boats. A measure would be ideal for this straightforward task, which should be the next.
  • Sketch three straight vertical lines near the front of the boat.
  • This cabin’s top will be empty, but we’ll fill that in as quickly as possible.


  • Draw a pole next.
  • We’ll add a mast for your cartoon boat drawing before continuing with the remainder of the cabin. This appears straightforward, but it can also be a little challenging.
  • Again, a ruler would be very helpful for this stage. Each of the mast’s three parts is thinner than before.
  • Additionally, as seen in our illustration, a tiny, straight section will be sticking to the left.


  • At this point, complete the house.
  • The cabin you started in step 3 of this tutorial on creating a cartoon boat will now be finished. The thin roof of the house should first be constructed using some straight lines.
  • We will depict them with a rectangular front window with a round window on the side.
  • That’s all there is to it, so let’s move on!


  • Next, sketch the sail’s beginning.
  • Starting with a thin, wavered flag at the mast’s point, we can now begin drawing the sail for this boat.
  • Then, just below the flag, make a straight line using your ruler from the horizontal pole you previously marked on the mast.
  • Before we color this watercraft, there are just a few more finishing touches.


  • Complete the sail’s design
  • In this stage, we’ll add any other finishing touches you’d like and some pattern details to your cartoon boat drawing.
  • Draw straight horizontal lines across the triangular sail you started in the previous stage to serve as the sail.
  • You can then add your features after this is drawn! You could add a background to indicate where this boat might be sailing to give it a lovely finishing touch.
  • Would you like to design a particular maritime environment for this cartoon boat?


  • Add some color to complete it.
  • We’ll end this guide with a stage that involves some coloring. To achieve this, we’ll use a range of brown hues for the boat’s body.
  • Then, for the pattern on the sail, we alternated a few light hues of blue. Although we selected these hues, please substitute any other ones you prefer!
  • You can use your creativity when choosing hues and art supplies because the goal is to create your ideal boat design.

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