Kids Birthday Décor Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank!
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Kids Birthday Décor Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank!

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Be it for an adult or a kid, why should a birthday party be perfect? Cake, party favours, or decorations? Although the expense of all those party necessities can add up, you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a great party.
With that in mind, I have developed a few simple strategies, ideas, and recommendations to reduce that expense without sacrificing fun.

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Budget Friendly Kids Birthday Party Ideas

These budget-friendly kids’ birthday party ideas are packed with eye-catching decorations, simple-to-prepare foods, and one-of-a-kind party prizes. Check out a handful of top suggestions for your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration.

Get a snack ready

In addition to the honoree, there will probably be a few young children at the celebration. Cater to their culinary demands by displaying Cheerios, Goldfish, and other “pick-ups” in cute treat bowls. It costs little and has a polished appearance.

Picture perfect balloon holders

When purchasing balloons, be sure you get a weight to secure the balloons. They always come in simple colours, but occasionally you’ll see one in the form of a tiny bag with images of Legos or princesses on it.
The balloon holders can be used as entertaining centrepieces.

Include treats in the decoration

Mini donuts are among the cutest things around (apart from the birthday child, of course), so why not incorporate them into the design? You can make some gorgeous party snacks that double as decorations by wrapping a few little doughnuts (or cookies that resemble donuts) around a straw and a glass of milk.

Photo booth

Kids enjoy acting funny and taking pictures. You can use a massive photo prop background to hang the picture booth on your wall.

The second method involves using their picture frames and having the youngsters hold them up while snapping a photo. Sports or princesses are among the topics of the photo frame borders.

Goody bags

After a birthday party, all of the youngsters anticipate receiving fantastic goodie bags. Spend less money and make entertaining goody bags. Choose the bags you wish to use as goody bags first.

Here are some suggestions for items to include in your goody bags.

  • Super Heroes, My Little Pony, Dinosaurs, Bugs, Disney Figures, and Army Men can be added as little figures.
  • Buy a little container for each bag of play dough.
  • Card games.
  • Lego Sheets and Legos – While they are generic, giving the youngsters a bag of brand-new Legos to play with is nevertheless enjoyable.
  • Party Favors.
  • Candy: Include a couple of pieces of each bag’s favourite candy for your child.

Inflatable garland

The allure of balloon garlands is that they don’t have to break the bank to be extravagant and big. You can make a garland that looks professional and costs half as much with a few simple techniques.

DIY balloon number or Letter

What you’ll need:

  • Balloons
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Blank wall/space

Here’s what I did for my kid’s birthday:

  • Use the string to plan your number or letter.
  • Attach the string to the wall using tape with the desired number or letter.
  • Deflate balloons that represent your letter or number. Later, you can blow up more if you need to.
  • After tying the balloon off, I tore a piece of tape and adhered it to the balloon’s tail.
  • I affix the balloon to the string on the wall with tape.
  • Continue until the letter or number is finished.
  • To make the number more lively, I tasselled the edge.

Frame the “Year of Firsts” for your child

A framed photo collage of all your child’s firsts will keep the decor for their first birthday very basic and sweet. It’s not only a sweet party décor, but it also makes a lovely keepsake that you’ll always treasure.


Use colourful streamers to make your home or event place festive. Place them on the birthday child’s chair and tape them throughout the room.
You won’t damage your paint if you attach them to the wall with painter’s tape.

Everything in Crepe Paper

Want to celebrate your child’s first birthday in style while spending as little money as possible? No issue! Crepe paper can be used for all of the decoration (no, really). With inexpensive paper streamers, you can create napkin rings, lanterns, party favours, you name it!

Some Enjoyable, Affordable Party Entertainment

• Apple bobbing in a bucket, or eating doughnuts or cheeses off a string, is an inexpensive and entertaining pastime.
• Set up a cupcake decorating station. The finished products can be used as party favours.
• DIY Pinata – Use Google as your friend; there is absolutely no end to the themes that can be used for pinatas, so there is no need to purchase one. The level of complexity is low; more patience and time are required than technical skills.
• Bubbles are a kid’s favourite, and you can prepare your own bubble mixture and buy bubble blowers in bulk on eBay.
• Throw a tea party for a select few of your pals.
• Have a nerf party. Online retailers sell foam bullets and miniature nerf guns. (always inform other parents in advance as some parents forbid their children from playing with nerf guns.)
• Red/blue teams and water bombs may be a lot of fun in the park, especially for energetic kids. (Be sure to tell parents to pack a change of clothes.)
• An expensive and enjoyable party game option is to make your own wizard hats and wands for a birthday party with a Harry Potter theme.

Three Quick Tips for Saving Money on The Birthday Celebrations

Online supply ordering

Even if internet prices aren’t always lower, buying your favours and decorations online could prevent you from making impulsive purchases at physical stores. Take into account Amazon and other online shops.
Share with a friend

If your child’s birthday occurs near a friend’s, think about hosting two parties. You can then divide the costs and duties with the parents of the other child. Just make sure that every child has their own cake and gifts!

Organize a themed party.

Don’t be frightened to express yourself creatively. Setting the tone for your kid’s celebration with a themed party is always a great option! For instance, a vintage-themed gumball party is a terrific way to incorporate lots of colour and all the treats that children love.

Of course, don’t forget to decorate the area with original touches and provide the kids with entertaining games and activities. Continue reading for ideas to help you throw an outstanding birthday celebration.

When choosing a venue, compare the costs of various locations.

It might be more economical and productive to let a venue handle the planning if you’re not interested in hosting the party in your house. However, costs can differ greatly from one location to another. So, compare prices.

Wrap up

Why not save yourself from all the hassle and book a themed venue for your kid’s birthday? If you are looking for an indoor party venue, I would suggest going to Tayo Station. This indoor playground has everything your kid would love to have in his/her birthday celebration.

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