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Insure Your Furniture Storage Box

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When moving, self-storage services Dubai are providing services of transport heavy furniture such as chests of drawers, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a fridge, a wardrobe, a desk or other. Most of the time, all you need are strong arms and paying attention to the position of the back when carrying.

To make your life easier, there are simple ways to reduce fatigue when transporting your belongings.

Use A Hand Truck Or Wheeled Cart

When the surface is flat, it is easy to place your furniture on one of these handling tools. Just push!

Carry Easily With Carry Handles

You will find this for sale at Castorama or in any DIY store and also on the Internet, for sale online.

The Mottez carry handle makes it possible to lift heavy and fairly bulky objects effortlessly and safely.
It is possible to carry furniture or appliances up to 80 kilos.
The kit is made up of 2 resistant steel handles, an adjustable strap up to 5 meters and 4 non-slip rubber blockers for the corners of your goods to be transported.
The cost of a carrying handle is only around 22 euros. It is a good buy for your move.
When finished, you can very easily store your carry handle in a plastic crate at home, in a closet, drawer, cupboard or in your garage.

For those who lack space, there is a clever solution used by many French people: renting a small self-storage box.

The Self-Storage Box

This new generation storage unit allows you to store boxes and miscellaneous goods in complete safety. It is an extra room, a sort of extension of your home. If you want to recover one of your goods, just go to your box, simply with your key and your personalized access code. Many people rent a space of 1 m², 2 or 3 m². It serves as a cellar but much better.

 Indeed, this very secure storage solution (alarm, camera, etc.) is humidity-free, dust-free, rodent-free… Your belongings are also kept frost-free. This is rarely the case for a simple cellar and sometimes for a garage. Not to mention, that access to your storage room is very easy.

 Either you park your vehicle right in front of the rented space, or you use the trolleys, available free of charge on site. If you are looking for a space near you, the site lists the majority of serious rental companies in France. In a few clicks, the problem of space becomes a distant memory!

Suction Cup Handle

You will find a large selection of them on Amazon. Professional window suction cups have a load capacity of 300 kg. Glazier suction cup for transporting and moving glass, tiles, glass, bay windows and floors. If the support is flat. If the support allows it and does not have a point to place your hand, the suction cup system is a good alternative for moving heavy and bulky furniture.

The Position Of Your Back

Whether it’s to avoid going to the osteopath or to preserve your back over the long term for a better quality of life, you have to carry and lift correctly. No matter the load, we give you some tips for carrying a heavy and bulky load correctly .

You need to be stable on both legs . You must have good support before lifting a heavy load. Finding the right balance is important.

You will have to position yourself in front of the object to be carried . The goal is that your spine does not twist. 

We Wear Right, Have You Ever Heard That?

Once well balanced and in front of the load, you can begin to bend your knees by bending your legs, while being careful to keep your spine straight.

Once this is well implemented, we will firmly grasp the handle or the heavy object. You need to have a good grip . Use gloves if the object is slippery or if there is a risk of cutting. A good grip also makes it possible to better distribute the weight of the object carried.

Then it’s time for your muscles to work. Lift with a straight back . 

Muscles of the legs and arms will be solicited. The intervertebral discs will be solicited evenly with a straight back.

To minimize the weight of the load you’re carrying, it’s a good idea to bring the load as close to your body as possible . Attention, if the object is bulky and heavy, be careful in case of fall of the object at your feet or not to crush your body. The closer the load is to the body, the less strain on your spine will be.

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