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Apartment Moving Service Dubai

How To Select The Best Moving Company?

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That’s it! The house of your dreams is found, and the perfect apartment is yours! All that remains is to move! And among the many offers, Apartment Moving Service Dubai from the most economical to the premium package, how to choose?

From simple transport of furniture to packing and unpacking, many offers exist to meet all needs and all budgets. But which one to choose?

Why Hire A Professional For Your Move?

Obviously, to avoid handling, and carrying heavy loads, the time spent and the risk of breakage… Calling on professional movers also allows you to approach this always stressful stage with serenity.

A professional will assess your needs with you in terms of volume and equipment. It is best to call on a local company. Which can come to your home to make an accurate estimate of the volume to be expected. But many small advantages will appear here. And there to save you from having to think of everything (and necessarily forgetting things).

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Volume And Transportation

It is always tricky to estimate the volume of your personal effects yourself. A cheap move can quickly see its price soar if you have misjudged the volume. This is why we strongly recommend that you have your needs assessed by a professional. A single visit can be enough to have a reliable volume to communicate your quotes. Having the volume to be transported estimated in advance will guarantee you a reliable estimate.

But also a fast and efficient service on D-Day. The moving company will then be able to choose with you the most appropriate means to implement. The size of the team, the size of the truck, and the number of boxes to provide you if it is included in the service. But also any equipment such as a furniture lift for example if your home is suitable for it.

Additional Supplies And Services

Many moving service providers offer you turnkey offers, providing for supplies, dismantling and assembly of furniture. Everything comes at once, but we still recommend that you favour offers that include the boxes.

Protections and tape are necessary for the packaging if you plan to do it yourself. On the one hand, this will save you from having to run to the stores. To find the right products and quantities. And on the other hand, the cost of a complete pack is lower when the mover provides it.

If you opt for offers including the packaging. Dismantling and reassembly of your goods, you relieve yourself of any manipulation and handling. A specialised team will pack your personal effects the same day or the day before. 

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What Guarantees Can You Expect From A Professional Mover?

Beyond peace of mind and physical savings, calling on removal professionals requires taking into account a few minimum guarantees, particularly relating to the company you choose.

The reliability of the service provider

First, check the reliability of the company. It must be registered in the “Register of Road Transport of Goods” and of course in the Trade and Company Register. Many people offer their services as “amateur” movers, with very attractive prices, but without security or insurance in the event of disputes. 

You can also consult the listings of various professional associations such as the Chambre We also remind you that using private individuals and remunerating them without declaring them amounts to resorting to concealed work and is punishable by a fine of €45,000 and 3 years imprisonment.

Legal but unreliable, networking or collaborative economy platforms also offer to “recruit” independent movers for you, or allow auto-entrepreneurs to offer their services

The level of guarantees included in the insurance

A mover will always offer to transport your goods, via an inventory that you must provide. Be exhaustive and precise, put end to end all your goods and equipment represent a tidy sum that should be insured in the event of loss or damage during the transport of your belongings. This document entitled “declaration of value” is absolutely essential, and you have the right to demand it if it is not spontaneously offered to you. 

The idea is to complete it using your purchase invoices if you still have them because the compensation in the event of loss or deterioration will be made on the basis of this declaration.

Most often, the moving company will offer you several levels of insurance. Simple insurance is included in the service as additional insurance. We recommend that you take the time to study the two offers and not neglect the complementary insurance if some of your goods cannot be replaced easily (family furniture, unique or handmade pieces, etc.) or are very expensive.

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