How to make money from blogging in 2023 - A Step by Step Guide
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How to make money from blogging - Unstoppable Domains

How to make money from blogging in 2023 – A Step by Step Guide

Listen Unstoppable Content

Hello, friends.

We are a team unstoppable and we are here to create a powerful community of writers, bloggers, marketers, and animators.

We have created a platform that will allow you to make money from your passion. Our aim is to help people who have been struggling with writing their own content and creating an online business because they don’t know how or where to start.

We are on a mission and will discuss our Ideas and the future of our Platform.

First, I will tell you about my personal branding things to get your attention on our work. I am offering a platform for you with that you can start blogging and much more.

We will discuss how can you start blogging to earn in the future but before that Have an eye on the following Topics. Click on the topic to skip…

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Our Mission

We are working hard to make a place for those who want to Learn, Share and most important Earn. We’re excited about the future together!

  • Guest Blogging Opportunities
  • Make Money with us
  • Upcoming Platforms

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Write, Optimize and publish and share

Digital Marketer: You can submit a Free Guest Post to create a powerful backlink for your clients.

Writers and Authors: You can share your thoughts, life experiences, and Ideas. Create a guest blog post and share your books with the readers.

Affiliate Marketers: Now you have the opportunity to share your affiliate links with your post. Share blogs and earn through affiliate marketing.

Animators and Artists: Share your work, experience, ideas and problems and solutions. Tell about animation, and give ideas, suggestions and solutions related to animation.

Vloggers: we know that videos get more attention, but don’t forget the power of blogging, you can share your video and make money by writing about it.

Educators: Share your courses and educational and career-making content for students and online learners.

Web Stories: Create free web stories to drive traffic back to your site with us.

Make Money with Us

As a child, I had heard that sharing is caring, but I never really understood it until I was much older. we can never succeed without the help of others. So, you get the point. You can write guest posts on our website to share about your products and services.

Share blogs about your App, Books, Business and services for Brand Awareness and Link Building.

If you want to earn online, then you are at the right place. Your words have the power to change your life and others also. If you love writing and want to earn money from it, then this article is meant for you.

“This guide will show you how to start a blog, build it into an income-generating machine and quit your day job within the next 12 months.”

After reading this blog, you will have several great ideas for starting a blog of your own. If you monetize your blog, you can start receiving passive income directly into your bank.

If you want to earn with us through content writing then you have to contact us.

Upcoming Platforms

We are going to launch our two new and most helpful platforms soon. Our Team is working on launching our new platform for story writers, novel and comic writers with a graphic and visual comic website and animation studio.

Writers and authors can share their short stories, Books and Ebooks to earn differently. You will be able o write in Both Languages, English and Hindi. We will create animated videos of our best-selected short stories.

My friend and I discussed our second platform much more thoroughly. We talked about what we’d want to do on it, how we’d share content with our readers, and how we could interact with them. I also considered what audiences might be interested in seeing and reading, and asked ourselves why they would want to visit the platform.

We talked about what it would be, why we needed it, and how we could make it work. He even wrote down a few ideas with me and threw them into our Google Docs so that when we got together again we had something to discuss. Soon you will be introduced to our second platform, but I can tell you now that it is meant for adults only.

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How to generate Passive Income

Passive income is money that you earn without having to work for it. It’s the kind of income that you can depend on each month, and it could be a great way to supplement your regular paycheck. However, passive income streams aren’t easy to find.

They take time and energy to set up, and they often require some upfront costs. But once they’re in place, they can produce money for years without any additional work on your part.

If you are a writer and want to make money from writing, then you should definitely know how to make money online through blogging.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn passive income online and it can be done by many people who don’t know about it. It is a great source of income for many people who use it. Blogging can help you earn money in a very easy way without spending much time on it.

What is blogging

Blogging is when you write about your experiences, thoughts and feelings on the internet. Blogging is a great way to share information with others and get feedback from them.

but you can also use them for personal reasons like to talk about your day or to write about your interests.

Blogging isn’t just limited to text posts; you can use images, videos, and other media formats as well.

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Why do you need to start blogging

In simple words, By blogging, you can engage with your customers, create brand awareness, and build loyalty. You’ll also be able to showcase your expertise and share useful tips that help people in their daily lives.

3 Main reasons to start blogging

  • Blogging is an important part of your personal and professional brand.
  • It will become your source of passive income.
  • You will be able to write more effectively and efficiently.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to share information with your audience, build relationships with them, and engage with them in a way that’s unique to the web.

It also helps you market your business. Your blog serves as a place where people can learn about what you do and how you do it, which makes it essential for attracting new clients and keeping existing ones.

Blogs can help you find new jobs or freelance opportunities. If you’re able to write in a style that makes you stand out from the crowd, then people may be more likely to notice your work. It will help you to make money from blogging.

How much money can you make blogging?

Before we explore the ways you can make money through blogging, first, let’s look at how much money bloggers actually earn.

According to Fiverr; Blog owners with 10,000 to 100,000 monthly page views often earn between 2 cents and 10 cents for each page view from advertising, equating to $200 to $10,000 per month. Sponsored articles range in price from $25 to $750 for each post, depending on the size of the audience, genre, and individual sponsorship agreement. 

Bloggers who sell digital products like online courses or e-books can make up to $10,000 per month. Affiliate marketing can provide extra income for bloggers.

Lifestyle blogger Nikki Bahan makes around $2,800 each month from advertising on her blog. is a figure that reflects the impact a part-time effort can have over time.

How to start blogging

Blogging is a popular way to make money online, but it can be difficult to get started. It’s also important to know that not all bloggers are successful at monetizing their blogs.

The good news is that there are many different ways to monetize your blog and attract visitors. They will stay for longer periods of time on your blog if are capable to attract visitors with your knowledge. In this article, we’ll go over some strategies for making money from blogging. So you can see if this is something you want to try out!

Choose a profitable topic you love

  • Choose a topic you love.
  • Look forward to a topic that you have experience with and can write about regularly.
  • Choose a topic that’s relevant to your life, but not too niche or specific (if it is too narrow, people may not be interested).

For example, if you write about finance and investing on your blog then people will think of your blog as completely useless because there are already so many other blogs out there covering this topic. They’re probably better than yours!

If instead of focusing on finance and investing, what if we narrowed down our focus even further by talking about how college students should prepare themselves financially for their future careers? That would definitely get our readers’ attention!

Set up your blog

This is a step where you have to think deeply before starting anything. We all know that to gain something you have to lose something and that is true when it comes to making money on your blog.

You have to be willing to invest a lot of time and energy into building an audience and creating quality content. However, once you’ve established yourself as an authority in your niche, you can then leverage this status for greater profit.

To earn money by blogging, you will need a website. You have to invest some money in return to start earning. To create a blogging website you will need to purchase a domain and a hosting plan.

Pick a domain name.

Domain names are the URLs that you’ll use to access your blog, and they should be short and easy to remember. Your hosting company may offer naming services, but if not, check out Namecheap or GoDaddy as alternatives.

Choose a hosting company.

You’ll need somewhere to store all of those files while they’re being edited on the computer (a process called “publishing”), so think about which one will work best for you based on space requirements and features offered by each provider and don’t forget about backups!

Free Blog Set-ups

You can create a website for free using WordPress, which is one of the most popular content management systems on the web. You can also use Blogger, which is owned by Google and has many templates that are free or cost very little. Once you’ve chosen a platform and created your site, you’ll need to start writing posts.

Write valuable content

The best way to make money blogging is by writing quality content. Many people will tell you that it doesn’t matter if your blog is ranked high on Google, but this is not true. If you have great content, people will come back to your site and read it over and over again.

Quality content means one thing: unique, valuable information that can benefit those who read the post (and hopefully buy something from you). Your blog should contain only relevant topics that interest its readership so they are likely to come back for more reading material after visiting your site once (or twice).

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about blogging over the years since starting out as writers ourselves (and even after many years spent working at various online publications), it’s this: It takes time before readers latch onto new voices in order to get used regularly engaging mindsets through which they might discover themselves changing into something bigger than themselves…

Use SEO to get traffic to your site

  • Use SEO to get traffic to your site.
  • Learn about SEO, and use keywords in your content.
  • Use a keyword research tool to find the best keywords for your site.

Research potential topics

Once you’ve chosen a topic, the next step is to research potential topics. This can be done in many ways:

  • Go online and check out what other bloggers are writing about in their niche. If your audience is interested in the same things as theirs and if you have an article that relates to them, then it might be worth writing about it too!
  • Look at what’s trending online at the moment this will give you ideas for other types of content and show whether there’s enough competition for yours already established or not yet (in which case maybe another niche would work better).
  • Read up on industry news articles related to your field/niche area so that when people ask questions related specifically towards them (e.g., “How do I get started blogging?”), then they’ll know exactly where those answers can come from!

Develop a writing style that is unique to you

You can’t be everything to everyone, so it’s important to develop a writing style that is unique to you. Think about what makes your voice unique and consistent and whether other people will find it appealing or irritating.

Think about how easy it would be for someone who hasn’t read your blog before to understand what the hell you’re talking about when they pick up the first post of an article. If they can quickly figure out what kind of content they’re dealing with, then maybe there isn’t much need for a FAQ section or other additional resources beyond this one article (unless those things are really essential).

Consider adding photos and videos

You can make a lot of money from blogging by adding photos and videos to your posts. Photos and videos are very effective at telling a story, which helps engage readers and builds an audience. If you have an interesting photo or video, use it as much as possible!

I usually add a couple of photos to each article when I publish it on my blog (and this includes images that come from other websites). And if there’s something interesting going on in the world (or even just in your neighbourhood), then go ahead and shoot some video footage too!

How to make money from blogging

The most successful blogs are those run by writers who have figured out how to make a profit from their websites. If you want to start making money from your blog or website, it’s never too late. There are many ways to make money with a blog.

This article covers different ways to make money from digital content and the most common strategies for monetizing it.

Let’s start with the basics. Monetization is a way of making money from your site; it is a fancy term for making money off the content you create and distribute online. When you earn revenue from the online content on your blog, that’s monetization.

Visit – Learning and Earning Ideas

To begin making money from your blog, there are several online earning practices:

  •  Ads
  •  Affiliate marketing
  •  Physical or digital product offerings
  •  Subscriptions
  •  Coaching

How can you make these work for you and your blog? Let’s take a closer look at each monetization model.

Image By Google – Ads Monetization

Earn with Ads

As a publisher of your blog, you can write something very interesting that can be shared by your readers. You can write something that will make people say “Wow!” when they read it. You can write something that will educate people.

If you write great content, you’ll be able to monetize it. Advertising can provide a healthy revenue stream for bloggers. Advertisers are willing to pay you for the privilege of showing their ads to your audience.

As your site or content becomes more popular, you can charge advertisers more for the space in which they will appear.

You can directly sell ad space on your website to businesses that are interested in being associated with the content of your site. You can use an ad network like Google AdSense to sell your ad space on your behalf of you.

How Google AdSense Works

The way AdSense works are by serving ads that are relevant to the content appearing on a specific page of your blog.

When someone clicks on one of these ads, Google pays you a portion of the revenue. You can also use other ad networks to sell your ad space on your behalf of you.

For example, if your blog is about Money making Ideas and you’ve just uploaded a post about “Some Great Apps to Make Money Online,” AdSense might show an ad about job applications, freelancing apps or Online money-earning applications.

Relevant online ads tend to attract more advertisers, who are willing to pay a premium price for ad space on your blog.

Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Image by Google – Affiliate Marketing

When you include a link in your content leading to another website where the target audience can purchase products or services, it is known as affiliate marketing.

You can write product and service recommendation blogs on your website and then place affiliate links for readers to purchase items you have mentioned in the blog.

When someone clicks on the link you’ve included in a blog post or other piece of content, goes to that affiliate site and then purchases whatever product it is that you were endorsing — you will earn a commission.

For blogs that attract a large, engaged audience of consumers interested in product recommendations, this can be a financially viable model.

“Informational, how-to and lifestyle articles are great for promoting affiliate products.”

Establishing trust with an audience begins with transparency about the financial relationships you have. It is advisable to consult a lawyer before engaging in any form of affiliate marketing, as it may be illegal if not done properly.

Remember that the reputation of your blog is tied to the products or services you choose to promote. Make sure you use high-quality affiliate partners so people will trust what they’re reading.

Image By Google: Coaching or Training

Coaching or training is an excellent way to monetize your blog. It’s also a great way to build your business because it gives you the ability to help others and build relationships online with learners, students and teachers too.

Create educational content and increase traffic by sharing your blogs with students. Students are always looking for good information, so why not provide it? Create an educational blog that focuses on topics that interest you or the students you work with. You can use this as an opportunity to teach them new skills or give them advice on how to solve problems themselves.

For More Information about monetizing visit – Google Blog

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