Draw A Fur
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Draw A Fur

How to Draw A Fur Easily

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How to Draw A Fur. Like human hair, fur is a thick growth of hair covering various animals’ skin. It is also the main distinguishing feature of mammals.

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Learning to draw fur is especially important if you plan to draw a furry animal. To make it look realistic, you need to be able to draw elaborate fur coats.

Luckily you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw fur, summed up in 9 quick and easy steps.

Plus, each guide has an illustration to make the process easier to follow! Have fun drawing realistic-looking fur!

How to Draw A Fur

Step 1

Start by drawing a slightly curved line at the top left side of the paper. Next, draw an upward curve from the bottom of the line we just drew.

Properly drawn, the character should look like a spiky tuft of fur. This creates the top layer of fur on the left side.

Step 2

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side to draw a similar figure. This creates a layer of fur on the right side, which forms the top part of the fur.

Don’t worry if the first layer of fur on both sides is completely different! Fur coats don’t necessarily have to be uniform as long as they follow the same structure.

The more uneven the skins are, the more realistic they look.

Step 3

Draw another spiky tuft of fur just below the first one we drew. This creates the second layer of fur on the left side.

Remember that the layers of fur should be connected directly to each other. Sometimes they can overlap, but that’s okay.

Step 4

Starting at the end of the fur we drew in the previous step, draw a slightly curved line pointing downwards.

This forms half of the last layer of fur on the left, which we’ll complete in the next step.

Step 5

Draw another curved line that connects to the line drawn earlier. This should form a V-shaped figure, creating the last layer of fur on the left side.

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At this point, the fur should be half done as the left side is done.

Step 6

Draw a short line from the end of the fur we drew earlier.

Remember that this line shouldn’t be longer than the fur we drew in the previous step.

Step 7

Please move to the right and draw a curved line whose tip connects directly to the short line we drew in the last step. This forms the bottom layer of fur on the right side.

Now we work upwards to complete the fur texture.

Step 8

Draw a short curved line from the top of the fur we drew earlier.

Remember that this line should be no longer than half an inch, as shown in the image above.

Step 9

Draw a curved line starting from the endpoint of the line we drew in the previous step. This line should connect to the top of the fur and eventually complete the shape of the fur.

As you can see, the fur coat is finally done. Now it’s just a touch of color away to make it colorful!

That’s it – you’ve successfully drawn a realistic-looking fur coat! That means it’s finally time for the most exciting part: color selection and fur coloring!

The fur comes in a wide variety of colors, and its color depends primarily on the type of animals it is attached to.

This means you have complete freedom as to which colors you use! Feel free to use any color you like. You can even combine a light color with a darker color to create the illusion of shadows!

Your Fur Drawing is Finished!

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