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How many people do you need to rent a yacht?

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How many people do you need to rent a yacht? There are different numbers of people who would like to sail on a yacht. This is why they are called charter boats. Some people have smaller groups than others. It is quite common for a family with two kids, to hire a yacht that has room for 6 people.

Many yachts have cabins, so a family could stay in one cabin and another group could sleep in the other. In addition to sleeping space, there are usually showers and Superyacht Charter Turkey toilets as well. On a yacht that holds twelve people, you can get a private cabin as well. These are usually the main rooms on a yacht.

You can usually find a full kitchen as well. On the top deck, you might also find an outdoor shower, barbecue and a jacuzzi, and if the boat has it, a pool. A yacht can hold from six to fifteen people. If you have a small party, it is possible to find a yacht for around four to six people. There are also larger yachts which can hold up to twenty-five people or more. Some yachts will also have large outdoor areas such as sun decks, swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

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