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Top 10 Guest Posting Sites to Promote Your Content

Top 10 Guest Posting Sites to Promote Your Content

Build Community to Promote your Content

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·May 21, 2023·

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Hey there,

How do you guest post?

Do you get ranked or Indexed in your guest posts?

How much traffic have you gained from Guest blogging?

So, If you are searching for guest posting sites for some great opportunities, then you are at the right place.

I tried my best to get benefits from several guest posting sites and blogging networks but didn’t get most out of them. Then start working to understand the problems in my work and the techniques to which I was used to.

Then I realized my mistakes and fixed them, but I'm still trying to learn new things every day. So, I learned a big lesson: Work on Quality, Not on Quantity. So stay and find your best opportunities here.

Articles that rank 1st in Google and meet the searchers’ need for information, get more than 50% of all organic clicks traffic.

This CTR value has been calculated on data from all countries and for queries with Informational intent, performed via Tablets.

What is Guest posting?

When you write something for your website, it is known as a blog posting on your website. But Guest posting is when someone writes an article or a blog post for another website or blog that they don't own. It's like being a guest at someone else's place and sharing your thoughts and ideas with your audience.

Guest posting is a way for writers or experts to reach a wider audience and showcase their knowledge or expertise. It can also benefit the website or blog owner because they get fresh content for their site and can attract new readers or visitors.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Find New Audience: Guest posting allows you to reach a new and potentially larger audience. When you include a link to your website or blog in your guest post, you can drive traffic back to your site.

  1. Generate Traffic: Publishing your content on other websites can be an effective strategy to drive traffic to your website.

  2. Increase Authority and Credibility: By sharing your expertise through guest posts, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field. This helps to build credibility and trust among readers, making them more likely to value your insights and seek out your content.

  3. Networking and Relationship Building: Guest posting helps you to connect with other influencers, bloggers, and industry professionals. Building relationships with these individuals can open up opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and future guest posting exchanges.

  4. SEO Benefits: When you do guest post submission on reputable websites with high domain authority, they can positively impact your search engine optimization (SEO). Backlinks from these sites can improve your own website's visibility in search engine results, potentially leading to higher rankings and increased organic traffic.

  5. Quality Backlinks: Guest posting often allows you to include links back to your blog or website within the content or author bio. These backlinks are valuable for search engine optimization (SEO) as they signal to search engines that your site is reputable and worthy of higher rankings in search results.

  6. Targeted Traffic: When you publish guest posts on websites that cater to your target audience, you can attract highly relevant traffic to your blog or website. This targeted traffic is more likely to engage with your content, resulting in increased conversions, leads, or sales.

Blogging vs vlogging

Videos are really popular these days, and lots of people love watching them. But did you know that blogs are still important too?

People watch videos of people who speak the same language or live in the same country. But blogs are special because they can be read by anyone, no matter where they're from.

Both blogging and vlogging present distinct avenues for earning potential.

Blogging offers diverse opportunities for monetization, including advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and the sale of digital products or services.

On the other hand, vlogging enables creators to capitalise on visual appeal and personal connections with their audience, opening up possibilities for brand partnerships, product endorsements, sponsored videos, and revenue from platforms like YouTube.

The choice between blogging and vlogging in terms of earning opportunities depends on factors such as content niche, audience preferences, and the creator's ability to leverage their strengths in either medium.

How to find guest posting websites

Here are some Google search operators that can be useful for finding guest posting sites:

"Your niche" + "write for us"

  • Example: "Technology" + "write for us"

"Your niche" + "guest post"

  • Example: "Fitness" + "guest post"

"Your niche" + "submit a guest post"

  • Example: "Travel" + "submit a guest post"

"Your niche" + "contribute"

  • Example: "Food" + "contribute"

"Your niche" + "guest author"

  • Example: "Fashion" + "guest author"

"Your niche" + "guest blogging"

  • Example: "Health" + "guest blogging"

"Your niche" + "submit article"

  • Example: "Business" + "submit article"

"Your niche" + "become a contributor"

  • Example: "Technology" + "become a contributor"

Remember to replace "Your niche" with the specific topic or industry you are interested in for guest posting. Using these search operators in combination with relevant keywords can help you find websites that accept guest posts and are a good fit for your niche or area of expertise.

Best blogging websites to Boost Your Website Traffic

I am going to mention the best blogging websites to boost your website Traffic and Ranking. I will share only those websites which I used and am still working on.

I will not take the name of giants like Hubspot, OutBrain, GetResponse, Search Engine Land, HubPages, and more…

So, Remember the words “Work on Quality, Not on Quantity.”

You want to get a lifetime link with a lot of traffic, right? But these giants will not give you that so easily. You need to compete with other High professional bloggers and SEO experts.

They build their community to protect themselves from newbies. There are so many writers, bloggers, website owners and SEO executives struggling with the problem known as Competition.

So, I chose a limited platform to build my community to grow together. Here are some of the Best blogging websites to boost your website traffic and ranking.

Top 10 Best Platforms to Publish Your Articles

These platforms give you the freedom to publish articles of any word limit, insert links as you wish, and get a wide range audience. I gained almost 6,000 Subscribers on my Youtube Channel Sumit Saxena through using these Platforms.

When you see the Traffic Numbers of these Websites. You would definitely think, Why are you running behind the useless guest blogging websites? Why are you not using these free top 10 guest posting sites properly?

  1. FaceBook Articles

  2. Linkedin Articles

  3. Quora

  4. Medium

  5. Hashnode

  6. Livejournal

  7. Twitter Treads

  8. Morioh

  9. MotiWation

  10. Unstoppable Domains

Facebook Articles

Facebook is a powerful social media platform that allows users to create personal profiles, connect with friends and family, and share updates, photos, and videos.

Here the Monthly Organic Traffic of Facebook is 4.6 Billion.

Facebook Organic Monthly Traffic - Unstoppable Domains

Publishing articles on Facebook offers several benefits and can be a powerful tool for Gaining traffic, sales, followers, and subscribers on YouTube.

There are two ways of publishing an Article on Facebook. You can share your article as Direct in the Long form of posts and Second is Facebook Articles Option.

In Facebook Article Option, You can write lengthy content by breaking them into headings. Place your Important Hyperlinks and share them with the world.

Note: Facebook does not provide any Analytics of Your Facebook Articles.

Linkedin Articles

LinkedIn is a dynamic professional networking platform that has transformed the way professionals connect, collaborate, and grow in their careers. LinkedIn provides a unique space for individuals to showcase their skills, experiences, and achievements in a professional setting.

Publishing articles on LinkedIn offers a range of benefits:

  • Establishing thought leadership.

  • Expanding your professional network.

  • Increasing visibility and reach.

  • Building a personal brand.

  • Driving website traffic.

  • Lead generation.

  • Repurposing content.

LinkedIn Organic Monthly Traffic - Unstoppable Domains


Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform that provides a unique space for individuals to seek knowledge, share expertise, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Quora has high domain authority and a strong online presence making it an SEO-friendly platform. When your answers or posts on Quora rank well in search engine results, it can drive organic traffic to your content and website.

Note: Quora has 247 Million Organic Monthly Traffic.

Quora Organic Monthly Traffic - Unstoppable Domains

You can Create your Profile or Space for Publishing your Articles. I have created My Profile Named Sumit Saxena and several Spaces to use accordingly.


Medium is the easiest and simplest platform that I have ever used. Medium is an online content-sharing and blogging network that offers a unique platform for writers, thinkers, and storytellers to share their ideas and perspectives with a global audience.

It provides a space where you can publish your Articles, Ideas and Stories. Medium has the Organic Monthly Traffic of 32 Million.

Medium has the Organic Monthly Traffic of 32 Million. Publish your articles on Medium.

Please Don’t Forget to Follow us on Medium. We publish Motivational and Educational blogs, Youtube and Social Media Growth and Success tips and tricks.

Startup and entrepreneurship, Books, Courses, Digital marketing and online earning ideas, Related topics.


Hashnode is a popular online platform and community for developers and programmers to share their knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and engage in meaningful discussions.

It serves as a dedicated space where developers can write and publish technical articles, tutorials, and insights related to programming, software development, and technology.

We also accept techy blogs and help to promote them. We help domains to rank up on search engines through My Content Marketing Strategy.

Hashnode Organic Monthly Traffic. Publish your articles on Hashnode

Hashnode has 65k traffic which is very low according to other platforms which I have mentioned above. But this guest posting site is very powerful.

  1. You will get your blogs indexed and ranked on Search engines automatically.

  2. Provide SEO options for publishing Guest posts.

  3. High Domain Authority.

  4. Create a Team Blog.

  5. Get Genuine and niche-related traffic from Hashnode


LiveJournal is an online platform that combines elements of social networking and blogging. It provides a space for individuals to express themselves, share their thoughts and experiences, and connect with like-minded people from around the world.

Originally launched in 1999, LiveJournal gained popularity as a platform for personal blogs and online communities.

One of the notable features of LiveJournal is its emphasis on journaling and diary-style entries. Users can create and maintain personal blogs, documenting their daily lives, thoughts, and emotions.

These blog entries can be customised with various formatting options, including adding images, videos, and links.

Livejournal Organic Monthly Traffic - Unstoppable Domains

I don’t use Livejournal personally because it has very low traffic. I mean to say this platform does not have my target audience. This is widely used in Russia almost 65%.

Livejournal Organic Monthly Traffic Country vise - Unstoppable Domains

Twitter Treads

Twitter is a popular social media platform that has transformed the way people communicate and stay informed.

With its distinctive format of short, concise messages known as tweets, Twitter provides a real-time and global platform for individuals, businesses, and public figures to share their thoughts, news, and ideas.

Launched in 2006, Twitter has become a powerful tool for connecting with others, discovering trends, and engaging in conversations on a wide range of topics.

With millions of active users worldwide, Twitter enables users to express themselves, follow their interests, and engage with a diverse community in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Twitter has Monthly Organic traffic of Almost 2 Billion.

Twitter Organic Monthly Traffic - Unstoppable Domains

A Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets that form a cohesive narrative or discussion on a particular topic. They help increase engagement and website traffic.

You can check my Twitter thread example here: Top 6 Tips On How To Grow Your YouTube Channel.


Morioh is a dynamic and inclusive social networking site designed specifically for developers. It serves as a vibrant hub where developers from around the world can come together to discuss topics related to bugs, issues, and other technical challenges they encounter in their work.

Morioh Organic Monthly Traffic - Unstoppable Domains.png

Morioh has a lot more traffic than Hashnode and it's pretty much like Hashnode. I have published my article on Morioh: Updated Search Engine Optimization Guide.


MotiWation is an inspiring online platform dedicated to publishing motivational and educational content. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

We publish blogs, tips, and tricks on topics such as YouTube and social media growth, success strategies, startup and entrepreneurship, books, courses, digital marketing, online earning ideas, and related subjects.

At MotiWation, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We are actively building a vibrant blogging community where aspiring writers and content creators can contribute their ideas and insights through guest blogging.

By joining our community, you'll have the opportunity to share your expertise, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand your reach to a wider audience.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is here to rank your domain faster. You can write for us, and we’ll publish it on our site as soon as possible.

Unstoppable Domains is an online platform that supports valuable content and encourages new websites, authors, startups, ideas, stories, and education. You can write for us and publish your content through guest posts on our website.

We accept articles through Email. The following Emails will help you to connect with us.

New emerging technologies are changing the world, and they’re going to keep changing it. For Unstoppable Domains:

  • Write about Emerging Technologies.

  • Share New Ideas.

  • Write about new startups.

To Publish Your Guest Post on Motiwation. Read Motiwation Publishing Guidelines.

Please follow us for more updates in the Future.


Q1: Is blogging free?

A: Yes, blogging can be free. There are platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger, and Wix that offer free hosting and basic features to start a blog. However, if you want more customization options or a personalized domain name, there might be some costs involved.

Q2: How can blogging make money?

A: Blogging can make money through various methods such as:

  • Displaying advertisements on your blog and earning revenue from ad clicks or impressions.

  • Partnering with brands and promoting their products or services through sponsored posts or affiliate marketing.

  • Creating and selling your own products or services, like e-books, online courses, or consulting.

  • Offering premium content or membership subscriptions for exclusive access to valuable resources.

Q3: How does guest posting help in SEO?

A: Guest posting helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by:

  • Building high-quality backlinks to your website, which can improve your search engine rankings.

  • Increasing your online visibility and exposure to a wider audience, potentially leading to more traffic and engagement on your website.

  • Establishing your authority and credibility in your niche, can positively impact your reputation in the eyes of search engines.

Q4: What is community building?

A: Community building refers to the process of creating and nurturing a group of people with shared interests or goals. In the context of blogging, it involves engaging with your readers and fostering a sense of belonging and interaction among them.

This can be done through comments, social media, forums, or even offline events. Building a community around your blog helps in fostering loyalty, encouraging repeat visits, and creating a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Q5: How can I start blogging?

A: To start blogging, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a niche or topic you are passionate about and have knowledge in.

  2. Select a blogging platform (e.g., WordPress, Blogger) and create an account.

  3. Pick a domain name or use the provided subdomain.

  4. Customize the appearance of your blog with themes and templates.

  5. Start creating and publishing your content, focusing on providing value to your target audience.

  6. Promote your blog through social media, guest posting, and engaging with other bloggers.

  7. Continuously improve and refine your content based on feedback and analytics.

Q6: Is blogging easy?

A: Blogging can be both easy and challenging. It requires consistent effort, creativity, and dedication. While setting up a basic blog is relatively simple, consistently producing high-quality content and growing an audience takes time and effort. However, with passion and persistence, blogging can become an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor.

Q7: Is a 500-word blog good?

A: The length of a blog post depends on the topic and the depth of information you want to provide. A 500-word blog can be considered good if it effectively communicates the intended message, engages readers, and provides valuable information or insights.

However, longer blog posts (1,000 words or more) often have more room for in-depth analysis and can be better for certain topics.

Q8: Who is the No. 1 blogger in India?

A: The blogging landscape is dynamic, and rankings can change over time. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific No. 1 blogger in India as there are many successful bloggers in different niches.

Some popular bloggers in India include Amit Agarwal (Labnol.org), Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud), and Faisal Farooqui (MouthShut.com). However, the blogging scene evolves, and new influencers emerge regularly.

Q9: Which blog do people read the most?

A: The most-read blog can vary depending on individual interests and preferences. Some popular blogs that attract a wide readership include news websites like BBC, entertainment blogs like BuzzFeed, technology blogs like TechCrunch, and lifestyle blogs like HuffPost. However, the choice of the most-read blog ultimately depends on the specific topic or industry you are interested in.

Q10: How to promote a YouTube channel through guest blogging?

A: Promoting a YouTube channel through guest blogging can be done in the following ways:

  1. Identify relevant blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.

  2. Reach out to the blog owners or editors and propose guest post ideas related to your YouTube channel's content.

  3. Create valuable and engaging blog posts that offer insights, tips, or information related to your YouTube content.

  4. Within the guest post, include relevant links to your YouTube channel, specific videos, or playlists.

  5. Encourage readers to visit your YouTube channel for more content or subscribe to your channel.

  6. Share the published guest posts on your social media channels to further promote your YouTube content.

  7. Engage with the blog's audience through comments and respond to any inquiries or feedback.

Remember, guest blogging should focus on providing value to the readers of the blog you're contributing to. By offering valuable insights and promoting your YouTube channel organically within the context of the guest post, you can effectively promote your content and attract new viewers to your channel.

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