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Fantasy cricket application | Exchange22

Fantasy Cricket Application | Exchange22

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Living in a country full of cricket fans, most of us have witnessed the thrill of playing fantasy cricket during major tournaments such as World Cups and T20 leagues, particularly the Indian T20 League. For those unfamiliar, fantasy cricket application is a type of virtual gaming where the user creates a team of 11 players (within a credit limit of 100) divided into four categories: wicketkeeper, batter, all-rounder, and bowler.

All you have to do is download the fantasy app and create your own team of players you believe will be the best performers in an upcoming match. Your chosen players earn points based on their actual performance in the match (runs scored, wickets taken, sixes as well as fours hit, etc.). Let us gain insight into the world of fantasy cricket application and discover why someone should participate in fantasy cricket contests.

Benefits of Fantasy Cricket Application

The ability to form your own team

One of the most appealing aspects of fantasy cricket is the ability for users to select players and form their own teams for a given competition. There are four types of players to choose from: wicketkeeper, batter, all-rounder, and bowler. In total, 11 players must be chosen.

You can select 1-4 wicket keepers, 1-6 batters, 1-4 all-rounders, and 1-6 bowlers to create the best set of 11 cricketers you believe will earn you the most points in the contest. Remember that you can only select 7 players from one team. The following and most important step is to select a captain and vice captain. For a similar performance as other players, a captain receives 2x points, while the vice-captain receives 1.5x points.

Chance to win cash prizes

The greatest feature of any fantasy cricket application is not the rankings, but the prizes. It encourages users to enter multiple contests, whether for the same or different matches. The concept of rewards adds some excitement to the competition. While some prefer to play it safe by participating in head-to-head competitions and small leagues, many prefer to compete at a slightly higher level in mega leagues.

Opportunity to learn more about the sport

In a game like fantasy cricket application, the result is largely defined by the player’s knowledge of the sport and their skills, rather than external factors such as luck or chance. To outwit their competitors, one must have a decent in-depth knowledge of cricket. If you stay current on these factors, your chances of winning the competition increase, eventually resulting in higher ranks on the contest leaderboard as well as better prizes.

Excitement until the match’s final result

Since you have players from both teams on your fantasy team, even if your favourite team loses the match, there is still excitement until the final ball. A six here or a wicket there can alter the outcome of the game you’re playing. To summarise, participating in fantasy cricket requires you to watch the entire game to find out if you won the fantasy contest or league that you’ve joined.

Play with other cricket fans on this platform.

Play fantasy cricket matches with other cricket fans to stay in touch. In this India fantasy app, You can compete with others who are as passionate about this sport as you are and share the excitement of both the real match and the fantasy contest. And if you win, it boosts your mood, happiness, as well as excitement. You also earn the right to brag before a group of your friends and coworkers.

About Exchange22

Fantasy cricket application

EXCHANGE 22 is the first fantasy league gaming platform for the sports of kabaddi, basketball, football, and cricket. The “real-time gaming experience,” albeit virtually, is what makes the platform unique. Additionally, it incorporates the special characteristics of share market trading, enabling users to buy and sell player shares in the same manner as they would buy and sell stocks on the exchange.

For a maximum of 22 players per match taking place globally, users can transact by buying any number of shares of a player before the real-time start. The EXCHANGE 22 app offers an engaging user experience in addition to the Points System because it seamlessly combines features from Fantasy Sports Leagues and Stock Market Trading.

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