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Dumpster Prep 101: How To Get Ready For Delivery and Pickup

A dumpster rental is a great option for anyone who’s preparing to do major home renovations or cleanups. To ensure that the dumpster arrives on time, there are some things you need to do before it arrives. This guide will walk you through how to prepare for delivery and pickup of your dumpster rental.

Step 1 – Choose the right dumpster

First, choose the right dumpster to fit your needs. It is important to determine the right size dumpster for your project, and what type of debris it will be containing. You will likely need a bigger dumpster if your home is being renovated than if it’s just spring cleaning.

Step 2 – Choose the Right Place

After you have chosen the right dumpster for you, it is time to pick the location. It’s important to pick a level, flat surface that is easily accessible by the delivery truck. Remember that the dumpster from a Dumpster Rental Company Tulsa must be placed on public property. Before you proceed, make sure you have all the permits and approvals required by your local government.

Step 3 Clear the Area

Clear the area where the dumpster will be placed before it arrives. Clearing the area will help remove any obstructions such as bikes, cars, and furniture that might hinder delivery trucks. To make it easier for delivery crews to deliver the dumpster, you’ll need to clean up the area.

Step 4 – Notify your Neighbors

It is a good idea for neighbors to be informed that a dumpster will soon be delivered to their property. This will help avoid any confusion and complaints about the dumpster blocking streets or taking up too much space.

Step 5 – Prepare for Pickup

You will need to call the rental company to arrange pickup once the dumpster has been full. To make it easier for the pick-up crew to take away your dumpster, keep it clean and free of debris. You should also remove any additional barriers or locks that you might have placed during your rental period.

Permits for Local Government Dumpsters

A local government dumpster permit allows property owners to place a dumpster onto public property such as streets or sidewalks for the purpose of disposing waste during construction or cleanup projects. The requirements and permitting process vary by city.

To obtain a permit for a dumpster, you must first apply to the local government’s public works or building department. The application will usually include information about the location, duration, and type of waste to be placed in the dumpster. The permit may require you to show proof of insurance or pay a fee.

You should check with your local government to find out any regulations or requirements that apply to obtaining a permit for your dumpster. You could face penalties or fines if you fail to get a permit. Rental companies often obtain permits on behalf of customers. Ask about this service if you rent a dumpster.


These simple steps will get you on your way to a successful and smooth dumpster rental experience. You can tackle any project easily if you have the right tulsa dumpster and the right place. You should always verify with your local government about any regulations or permits regarding dumpster rentals in your region.

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