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Deriving its roots from traditional Japanese clothing, the Kimono sleepwear is all the rage in today’s day and age. It has become the prime preference for women owing to the comfort along with the flair it brings with it. Typically kimonos are one-piece garments and usually come in softer fabrics such as silk or linen. The diverse variety that these kimonos put forward is impeccable for they slay from plain solid tones to vibrant and colorful floral prints. They can be incredibly mesmerizing and unbelievably stunners.

However, there are other causes too as for why one should consider adding kimono sleepwear to their wardrobe and wearing them to sleep. Quality is king! And this is what Cloroom sales abide by. They are dedicated to manufacturing the comfiest sleepwear ever. Anyone sitting on the fence over the idea and bewildered if kimonos are worth it should read further to discover more.


The foremost concern of any woman hunting an ideal nightwear is the comfort factor. No one wants to compromise on that. Well, none can beat kimono sleepwear in this. The light and mushy fabrics from which kimonos are shaped are breathable enough to make anyone swoon over them and are perfect for warmer weather. These relaxed fits turn out to be oh-so-cozy and snug that they can without a hitch flatter anyone. 

Also, it has been observed that airy one-piece nightwear like kimonos tend to make one feel more hassle-free and congenial. One should use their loaf and grab the latest Cloroom coupon codes to shop from their ongoing clearance sale. Every piece is awe-inspiring.

Better sleep

As discussed above, the comfort factor is a game changer and in this case, there is no denying that. With kimono on, one may swiftly drift into a good night’s sleep in no time with an improved sleep quality thus getting more efficient sleep. Therefore, it emerges as a savior and proves rewarding in rescuing individuals suffering from insomnia. However, you can get a taweez for a night of better sleep!

In today’s lifestyle, where almost everyone is challenged by sleep deprivation and disturbed sleep cycles, kimono nightwear without a doubt deserves a shot. Cloroom offers to provide 15% off on one’s first order. Go and get the fab sleepwear now to not regret it later.

Skin irritations? Not anymore!

Kimono fabrics, here they go again. Like mentioned earlier, as a general rule,  kimonos are made of either silk or linen. Both of these fabrics are super friendly to the skin and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, given that both are hypoallergenic. As a result, not only do they not cause skin irritation and skin allergies but on top of that, they might actually help reduce if any. One must have heard skin specialists or dermatologists raving about silk fabrics and emphasizing their utility in combating skin issues. Their anti-fungal properties make them recommendable to those suffering from yeast infections. Get a luxurious embroidered vegan silk kimono matched with a silk pillowcase using Cloroom promo codes.

Over and above that, silk fabrics are enriched with natural proteins and amino acids that equip them with anti-ageing properties. Silk fabrics, therefore, are so gentle on the skin and help reduce wrinkles and slow down skin ageing, making the skin softer and more youthful, maintaining its healthy glow. Likewise, they can immensely help in fighting eczema. Kimonos are largely made of silk and therefore extending the skin and pampering with them won’t hurt anyone. Looking for romantic and delightful sleepwear that can make onlookers’ eyes gleam? Check out the Love Song collection inspired by the poetry of T.S. Eliot through Cloroom coupons. They are as poetic and dreamy as their theme is.

One step ahead for sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour and has been gathering the spotlight for a while now as people are becoming more and more conscious of the planet and the future of fashion. For those who want to play their part in this global cause, investing in kimono sleepwear will bring them one step closer to it. Linen extracted from flax plants and silk is regarded to be one of the most eco-friendly fibres. 

Look how kimonos are one of the oldest yet most avant-garde ensembles in this perspective. The Cloroom discount codes can be employed to acquire kimonos made of the finest mulberry silk. Putting money into them is certainly a thoughtful choice on account of their low carbon impact. 

Durability guarantee

Once more, the kimono fabrics give them an upper hand over others. To everyone’s knowledge, silk rules as one of the strongest and most enduring natural fibres ever known to humanity. Linen does not have a very different story. In fact, linen is equally favoured for its long-lasting capability. Ergo, they indeed serve every penny.

Dust repellant

Another plus that gives kimonos an edge over other nightwear is that both silk and linen repel dirt and dust. The dust, mites and allergens have a propensity to slip on the silk fabrics due to their smooth textures hence failing to settle. Linen too does the same job. 

Fashion with vibrant prints

Kimonos are indisputably one of the most fashionable ensemble pieces of all sleepwear. Their intricate and flamboyant prints exude exuberance along with an elegant spin. Cloroom shopping produces only 4 collections with less than 50 products each year. Thus their iconic and unique nightwear are not to be missed. Hurry up and seize the opportunity.

That chic and lavish air

Now, there is something so enchanting about the magnificent and one-of-a-kind aura of kimonos that never fails to make spectators go gaga over them. Part of the reason why they are one of the highly popular clothing in the world is that this particular trait of delivering sophistication makes them irresistible. 

So many benefits amassed in one garment seem unreal but believe it or not kimonos rock in every dimension. From fashion experts to dermatologists to doctors, all have vouched for them. Not to mention, their versatility is not to be questioned. Cloroom deals never try to adjust with the style and the silk fans will be left dazzled by their luxurious sleep wears. They are masters in their field. If truth be told, exploring their collection is a wise decision.

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