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Gorgeous Scarf Boiled Wool Shawl

Best Luxury Clothing Brands for Women

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Clothing, a real essential in our daily lives as active women, fashion enthusiasts or simply lovers of comfort and practicality. Whether you’re looking for the latest trend Gorgeous Scarf Boiled Wool Shawl piece or, scarfs, shoes  want to update your wardrobe with timeless basics, there are plenty of websites that offer you all types of clothing. Whatever your tastes, whatever your style and whatever your morphology, you are bound to find what you are looking for online.

But finding the right brand of clothing, the one that highlights you, the one that brings out your personality and the one that meets your needs, is not always easy as there are so many different brands on the market. So, to help you see more clearly, we have listed the best brands of women’s clothing for you.

1- Sandro

Trendy brand par excellence, Sandro is aimed at modern and active women who want to be at the forefront of trends while maintaining a certain simplicity. It’s a successful bet for the Sandro brand which has managed to find this clever mix between ultra-fashionable pieces and basic pieces. And precisely, even the most basic pieces are entitled to the best in terms of materials used in their manufacture: silk, high quality cotton, leather or even cashmere. A real must have for a current and timeless wardrobe.

2- Guess

Guess is a brand specializing in fashion for women, men and children. Although initially specializing in the manufacture of jeans, the brand quickly diversified and completed its collection with clothing for women, then for men and children. Then come accessories, watches and finally, perfumes. Later, Guess launched into haute couture with its Guess by Marciano collection.

Guess mainly dresses active women aged 30 to 45, but is now attracting more and more millennials thanks to ultra-trendy collections, innovative initiatives and striking collaborations with key personalities. Among them, we find Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni but also Asap Rocky, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Tiësto or J. Balvin. If Guess is one of the best brands of women’s clothing, it is particularly for its trendy clothes, its handbags with contemporary shapes and its jewelry popular with influencers on social networks.

3- The Kooples

The Kooples is the story of three brothers, the Elicha brothers, who have been immersed in the world of fashion since their earliest childhood.  The brand’s influences are resolutely the punk style, rock and the underground spirit. In addition, The Kooples bets on diversity in terms of style and gender and gladly invites itself into the shared wardrobe of the trendiest couples. Another successful bet for this young brand which is enjoying real success with today’s women.

Coats, jackets, pants, shirts and t-shirts are thus readily exchanged among couples who appreciate the urban chic and casual style. If you have already been seduced by The Kooples, you will no doubt have noticed the skull which appears subtly on many pieces in the collection. It is the symbol of the brand’s influences: between rock and punk. 


Morgan is a French fashion brand that was founded in 1987 by two sisters, Odette Barouch and Jocelyne Bismuth. The core value that drives the Morgan brand? Love, certainly. The identity of the brand and its values ​​therefore revolve around fashion, love, elegance and femininity on a daily basis. The “Morgan de Toi” signature and slogan quickly became an emblem that is still an integral part of the brand’s DNA today. Very quickly, Morgan became international and became one of the best ready-to-wear brands for chic and trendy women.

From now on, Morgan is aimed at active women who want to wear clothes that are as elegant as they are casual on a daily basis. The brand has also signed collaborations with several influential women such as Caroline. It has therefore become an essential brand in the current fashion landscape, both for its ultra-trendy fashion pieces and for its chic and feminine basics.

5- Ba&Sh

The brand is mainly aimed at modern and trendy women with a bohemian spirit, aged around 35. It thus offers two collections a year, which stand out for their freshness and lightness, between French elegance and relaxation.

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Most of the materials used by ba&sh in the manufacture of its clothing are eco-responsible and are subject to strict environmental standards. The brand thus favors materials that are certified organic, recycled, committed to ethical practices and issued from demanding labels. The leather used for ba&sh accessories is also subject to strict rules. Its provenance and its high quality are also a priority for the brand. Whether grained, sueded, embossed or printed, the manufacturing circuit is ultra-controlled from A to Z. Ultimately, ba&sh was able to find a true balance between craftsmanship techniques, technical innovation and creativity for its collections.

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