Amazon Brand Storefront Design Tips and Guidelines
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Amazon Brand Storefront Design Tips and Guidelines

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Amazon is undoubtedly the finest place to highlight your distinctive value offer because it is one of the most well-known eCommerce merchants with a sizable seller and client base in its marketplace.

Yes, you may sign up as a seller there at any moment, but learning how to set up your products in an Amazon Store will help you grow your business.

Your company can achieve higher ranks with Amazon Stores in addition to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) & Amazon A+ Content being the norm (which you should have previously adopted).

Customers can discover and learn more about brands and their product offerings through Amazon Stores. A “Store” gives a business the ability to develop a specific and in-depth buying experience, which boosts engagement.

By gradually improving business-related KPIs like traffic, sales, and engagement, a brand can improve the customer experience. Therefore, what precisely is Amazon Store and how can it aid in growing your business?
Let’s examine them in greater detail.

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What Is an Amazon Brand Store?

Brands can display their whole product line on Amazon brand stores, which are fully configurable pages. Brand Stores, also known as Storefronts, are exclusively accessible to companies whose applications for Brand Registry have been granted.

With the “Store Builder” tool, brands choose a template and add files. Similar to your own eCommerce website, the objective is to provide prospective customers with a comprehensive presentation of everything you have to offer in one location.

What Justifies Opening an Amazon Store?

Amazon accounted for 45% of US eCommerce spending in 2022, and that percentage is projected to increase to 47% in 2023, according to Statista.

So, to increase customer involvement, Amazon Stores are primarily created. It is suitable and handy for customers to shop because it was designed as a location where consumers can learn about various brands and purchase various products.

An exceptional brand-centric buying experience is offered via a “Store” on desktop and mobile devices. By providing an improved mobile experience, Amazon Store improves the shopping experience for customers.

  • Making use of both internal and external traffic sources.
  • Increasing sales volume by improving organic results on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).
  • Giving you a chance to introduce new audiences to your brand.
  • Marketing your goods to all of your current customers.

Using Amazon Stores, you can easily create pages that you can customize and that only feature a small selection of products. A slideshow with images, text, a video, and other content kinds is an option. It is therefore excellent for launching new products.

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Advice For Creating a Stunning Amazon Storefront

From $240 billion in 2021 to $290 billion in 2022, Amazon’s net income climbed by almost $48 billion annually.
So, lead with vibrant images and a succinct brand story, especially if you sell “boutique” or unique products.

Try to use the background video feature; it will automatically grab the viewer’s attention and doesn’t require a click.
Limit the amount of text the average Amazon shopper is a lazy reader. A concise paragraph can often be significantly less effective than icons or text overlay on graphics.

Your Branding Approach Is Supported by Setting Up an Amazon Brand Storefront

You have control over how to communicate your brand thanks to the Amazon Brand Stores feature. Each template and theme has a wealth of multimedia material that is extremely adaptable.

Thus, you may coordinate the Amazon storefront design with that of your own platform or website. Select from a variety of multimedia components, including (but not restricted to) pictures, videos, pages, headers and footers, content tiles, scroll wheels, and content grids.

Using the tool, you can safeguard your brand’s identity and prevent it from fading away on Amazon. Designing your own storefront can help you maintain consistency in your brand strategy since Amazon is one of the biggest and most competitive online marketplaces.
Use the customization choices to express your brand’s personality, foster brand loyalty, and boost total sales volume.

A Platform for Product Launches

Launching new products through Amazon Brand Stores is a terrific way to reach as many current and potential customers as possible. This is due to the fact that these Brand Stores are not limited to Amazon.
They may be utilized in all of your marketing initiatives, and you can link to them in your YouTube videos or Instagram stories, as well as in your press releases, social media platforms, website, and advertisements.
In your Amazon Store, you may create a page just for new releases where you can list all of your recently released products. A well-designed Amazon Store makes it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for you to reach a large audience.

Use Rich Material to Draw Attention to Your Product’s Distinctive Selling Characteristics (USPs)

You have the chance to describe your product’s unique selling propositions while also telling
your brand’s story thanks to the highly configurable content, which will boost your
conversion rates.

Your traffic may rise if you use Amazon Brand Stores. Because you may use them to harness internal and external traffic, they enable you to get certain products or your product selection in front of more eyes.

• Internal traffic: Sponsored Brands advertising can use the tool as landing pages. Send your advertisement to the homepage or one of your Amazon Brand Store pages.
• External traffic: Google and other search engines’ organic external traffic is encouraged at Amazon Brand Stores. To assist route visitors to your business, each Brand Store has a unique, editable URL, such as

Additionally, these URLs might serve as landing pages for outside campaigns (e.g., email campaigns).

What are the requirements for eligibility?

The only two requirements for a storefront are a brand register and a qualified company that can assist you with storefront design.
Both have access to storefront: Seller Central users who are brand-registered sellers and Amazon Marketing Services users (AMS).

Am I able to design my own storefront?

Amazon promotes storefronts as a tool for DIY projects, but it isn’t. Yes, you can try to make it yourself, but we believe it’s best to leave it to the experts. Would you build your website on your own, unless you are a web developer? Right, no? Just as important as your website is your Amazon storefront.

In fact, if your company is still developing, your shop may be seeing more traffic than yours online. So why jeopardize your reputation?

Fun Facts About Amazon Storefront Design

• The products you see in the storefront can be linked directly to your product’s Amazon detail pages.
• The storefront can also be used as a landing page for your off-Amazon marketing. A storefront can have numerous pages, just like a website.
• Your reviews can be proudly displayed on the storefront. Unfortunately, you are unable to do this in the A+ Pages.
• You can alter the graphics in your business to coincide with special occasions like Prime Day and holidays.
• Over 100 million people worldwide are Amazon Prime members (more are Prime members than non-members), and they typically spend over $1,000 annually. This could be a further incentive to fulfil with Amazon or at the very least qualify your products for Prime.

Summing It Up

It is very evident that developing a brand name is the best strategy for selling in an extremely competitive online market like Amazon.
Why, when the features and quality are 90% the same, do customers accept to pay twice as much for Yeti coolers but not for any other coolers? Brand name, that’s correct. And you can get help with that from branding tools like Amazon Store.

Utilizing Amazon Stores will enable you to showcase all of your available products as well as your best-selling items and recent additions. But only if it is strategically built by professionals can you get all these benefits. Contact pro Amazon storefront design services if you require assistance in setting up an Amazon Store for your brand.

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